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Libra Room is a nonprofit digital publication together with the assignment to generate literature more exciting, relevant, and inclusive. We’re devoted to publishing work that’s smart and unpretentious, elevating fresh voices, and analyzing how storytelling and literature will help illuminate social justice topics and current events. We’re especially interested in composing that works at the junction of various cultures, genres, and media.

Libra Room started as a quarterly magazine in 2012 and turned into a nonprofit in 2015. Besides the books, criticism, and literary information on this website, you will discover our acclaimed weekly literary publications: Recommended Reading, that publishes short story and book excerpts with personal recommendations, as well as The Commuter, our house for flash fiction, poetry, and picture narrative. Recommended Reading started in 2012 and will release its 400th problem on New Year’s Day, 2020.

We instills award-winning fiction and nonfiction of the greatest literary grade, provides writing courses taught by famous emerging and established authors, creates an award-winning everyday online magazine of narrative nonfiction and fiction, and even hosts an available online platform by which authors can showcase their very own composing, locate resources, and get motivated.
We cultivate emerging authors by helping them enhance their craft, and encourage more established authors by equally sharing revenues in the courses they teach, and by paying to print their work online. Catapult strives to become an effective business model for the future of publishing.

Everything printed by Libra Room is available to subscribers at no cost, and as a nonprofit, we rely on donations from these subscribers to live. All presents are tax-deductible. Libra Room monetizes some publication links on our website. If you click a link and make a purchase, we will get a commission, which extends towards paying authors. These commissions don’t affect what books we feature or the way we choose to pay for them.

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The magazine: Libra Room is a different everyday digital magazine featuring original documents, fiction, and artwork from thousands of subscribers and columnists.

Community is an online platform specializing in our Libra Room community: our students, writers, internet contributors, and teachers. Check out interviews, job listings, profiles, writing information, studying roundups, student achievements, and much more. If you are a Libra Room alum or have been previously printed in our magazine, then you might even place your own work or work-in-progress at any moment. To find more information, please see this site.