Pet Oncology: What a Pet Owner Need to Know About

Every living thing in this universe is vulnerable to sickness. As a human being gets old, their body deteriorates, and this is how it is with pets too. As pets grow old, they become more prone to acquiring health issues. However, some illnesses come unexpectedly because of various reasons, and a good example of this is cancer. Today, we are going to find out more about the condition and find its relationship to your pet’s overall health. 

Things to Know about Cancer Care

As humans require special care the moment they are diagnosed with cancer, pets have it the same way. They say that almost half of the number of dogs that reach the age of 10 develop cancer. If these numbers are true, a pet owner should know how to prevent this properly. Here are a couple of truths you have to know about pets and cancer.

The Warning Signs of Cancer

Apart from getting your pets to get routine checkups, it is important to know how to do the check on your own. You can also drop by Animal Hospital of North Asheville for better care. Cancer usually starts with bumps or masses that are firm; your pet may have a significant weight change, abdominal swelling, appetite changes, diarrhea, continuous vomiting, leg swelling, unusual bleeding, or fatigue. Knowing all these, you get to pick up signs that can help you lead to its early detection.

Preventing Pet Cancer

Proactively preventing the development of cancer for pets has a lot to do about how you care for them. An effort can be as simple as having them the right vet institution to get pet boarding services from; we boarded our dog here. It can also be those routine dental checkups you make or the regular vaccination schedules you have for your dogs; if you want to know more about this, check them out here. It also helps to make sure they are correctly fed nutritious food as well as groomed regularly to prevent the development of infections and pest infestations. Taking them on regular walks and runs can also help boost their immune system and overall temperament. 

Treating Cancer

While treatment is now available for cancer, we cannot emphasize the importance of early detection. As mentioned earlier, proactive steps lead to prevention and early detection, and if in case your dog develops it over time, you can be sure that there are ways to treat it. You can opt to get radiation therapy or chemotherapy from a reliable pet oncology clinic. This will involve some procedures that will try to beat cancer in your pet’s body. Hence, it is important to find the best to execute it properly. 


Pets are like humans, and their vulnerability to developing a disease is the same as ours. If you have never thought about this, now may be the best time to have your pet checked for early diagnosis. It is also a great time to make sure you invest in proactive steps to make sure its development is not supported or aggravated. Schedule a visit to your veterinarian today and make sure that you stick to a regular, at least an annual checkup to have a clear understanding and vision of your pet’s overall health standing.