The State of Cannabis: Health Benefits & Local Availability

It should be emphasized that the cannabis business has many health benefits, but we have chosen to highlight the many fascinating and important ones now. Pot and its health benefits have been extensively researched for many decades. For a long time, while science uncovered many benefits, the stigma attached to the plant remained especially in the US but also in Canada. Now, many nations have legalized cannabis or marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Marijuana usage for recreational functions remains contested in some places, especially throughout the USA. However, medicinal marijuana can cure various health problems. The plant is seen as a miracle herb. But, just 6% of bud studies look at its medical capacity.

The Cannabis Climate in North America

Public support for medicinal marijuana is at an all-time high, more states across the USA are enacting more favourable laws and complete more studies. Based on anecdotal evidence, financing and research for healing studies are gaining traction, and novel formulations which don’t consist of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the plant’s psychoactive component, are examined.

Here in Canada, we have federal backing and legalization nationwide. As a result, more people are being exposed to the benefits of cannabis and exploring all the forms it can come in. Cannabis can come in various forms, including flowers, edibles, extracts, plus much more including vaping which continues to rise in popularity (click here for more information about the Pax Era vape pens and why it’s the fan favourite over 510). As even more research is undertaken, a better light continues to be shined on its general health benefits. 

Local Cannabis Across North America

The United States still has not legalized marijuana at a federal level, so all cannabis activity is regulated state-wide. In Canada however, we do have federal support but every province still has control over the industry, much in the same way alcohol is regulated. For example, there are minimum age restrictions set federally, but provinces can choose to increase that age but are not permitted to decrease it. Essentially, everyone needs to follow the federal law, but if there is a more strict provincial law where you live, then that law must be followed.

When it comes to distribution each province again has its own infrastructure. In Nova Scotia, for example, marijuana is sold through their liquor stores, the NSLC. While in Ontario, a new entity was created, the Ontario Cannabis Store, or OCS for short. Despite Ontario having this new entity, it is only offered for purchase online. The provincial government allowed each local municipality to vote on the number of dispensaries they would permit within their own town and city limits. Some areas refused to allow dispensaries to open up shop while others welcomed them with open arms. There are of course there own set of restrictions for store-fronts such as proximity to schools. That being said, anyone over the age of 19 in Ontario is permitted to walk into a dispensary, such as a cannabis store in Windsor, ask questions, get help and walk out with up to 30 grams of dried cannabis. Again, the option to order from the OCS is also available as well as from any local store with its own e-commerce capabilities. 

The Most Intriguing and Noticeable Health Advantages of Cannabis

Not all cannabis’s health advantages are without debate. The difficulty makes it increasingly difficult to undertake the broad investigations needed to get more authoritative and meaningful information. Nonetheless, some advantages are thought to include:

  • Persistent pain alleviation
  • Remedy for melancholy
  • Seizure control
  • Ability to Improve lung capacity
  • Reduces tremors associated with Parkinson’s disease
  • Assist in treating ulcerative colitis
  • Help in treating Crohn’s disease
  • helps and PTSD symptoms
  • alleviate arthritis pain
  • Glaucoma Treatment
  • Weight-loss assist
  • It alleviates anxiousness.
  • It’s the potential to help in diabetes management.

Since the health community begins to adopt CBD, cannabis activists are hopeful that THC will follow suit. Among the most common misunderstandings regarding CBD and THC is that only CBD can provide medicinal benefits. THC is known as an antioxidant, and as more testing and studies have been conducted, the proven health benefits are expected to follow suit.

To add to the advantages listed above, it is worth mentioning that Indica strains of cannabis are a great sleep aid. This can be handy for people that suffer from insomnia or sleeplessness. Medical marijuana has assisted numerous men and women in treating their health problems, from anti-inflammatory properties to pain relief. With some hope, the next decade will see considerable expansion in the marijuana sector, both recreational and medicinal, and consequently an increase in utilizing the plant’s most superb qualities to improve health across North America.