Water and Mold Damage? Here’s What You Should Know

Due to the recent floods throughout the USA, much of the country has undergone harsh weather in recent months and literally, millions of people have experienced a deluge (rain or flood) hit their community! These storms have led to water damage impacting hundreds of thousands of houses. If that water damage isn’t dealt with very fast and professionally, then the inevitable outcome will be mold. 

Molds are a very large collection of fungi. However, when molds are found indoors, they can damage or ruin the house, and they pose serious health concerns to persons living in that environment. People at high risk in these environments are such individuals: that the very young or the very old, individuals with pre-existing respiratory ailments such as asthma or kidney disease, individuals who are sick or are suffering from a chronic illness, etc.

In most houses, the conditions are nearly ideal for mold to grow — there is just one required item that’s missing — water. If at this point you add water from a storm or other origin, and you also do not deal with the water quickly and correctly, then mold will expand. Don’t let your family take this risk.

Observing any water harm event, the best way to ensure that mold won’t begin to grow is to get in touch with a restoration specialist to remediate the reduction, or even to do a review to confirm that there are no lingering issues in the house. Looking for hazmat cleaning? Click here to find out more.

If despite all your best efforts, you suspect there is mold in your house, it’s crucial to understand what to do. Oftentimes, the very first sign that mold is growing somewhere in the home is odor; really, your nose knows! These are gases that are released into the atmosphere whenever mold is growing and digesting food resources. A very little mold can give off a great deal of odor. It is essential to locate the mold and to properly remediate the problem, and be sure the inherent water problem is solved/fixed. Again, a restoration professional is a fantastic source to aid in the evaluation and the remedy. Mold should not be ignored. Thus, all indoor mold growth should be removed immediately, regardless of what type(s) of mold is present or whether it can produce toxins.” (

Frequently, individuals will attempt to remove modest amounts of mold themselves. A frequent example is when mold, frequently called “mold”, can grow on the grout of bathroom tile. Commercial cleaners designed for mold and mildew removal are often successful in such cases. Evidently, the user should follow label directions, wear gloves and eye protection, and make sure there is sufficient ventilation to prevent the buildup of disagreeable vapors. It is important to remember that such cleansers consist mostly of water (90 percent or more), and that moisture is the leading cause of mold growth. It is thus essential to thoroughly dry the area after cleansing. A little fan is can provide huge aid in helping dry materials. If it’s left moist, then the mold/mildew will often reappear in a really short time.

If a significant amount of mold is present, or if you’re not really comfortable in handling the overall scenario, then a specialist remediation firm, for example as PuroClean, should be contacted to assist with analysis and remediation. Such a business might establish a containment area around the substances to prevent the spread of spores and mold to other unaffected areas of the construction. Their workers will even wear mandatory Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves, impermeable coveralls, face shields, respirators, etc. Care should be taken to create sure the remediation is completed properly, by a professional. Otherwise, it may be of little or no advantage and could potentially make the situation worse by spreading the contamination. Whenever appropriate, they might also seek input from other technical professionals, such as an indoor hygienist. And, finally, it is very important that the underlying water problem that allowed the mold to grow in the first place is repaired. If that’s not completed, then mold will almost surely reappear.

When dealing with damage from mold, you should call your regional PuroClean Office. Learn more right here.