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What Should You Know About the Immigration Medical Exam?

The Immigration Medical Exam (IME) is a crucial part of the procedure, whether you are applying for permanent residency, working in clinical or laboratory settings, or taking long-term vacations to Canada. You may not be aware of the procedures for obtaining an IME from a qualified panel physician. Because your personal doctor cannot undertake the medical examination, you must see a doctor from the panel of physicians.

Medical Examination Process for Immigration

What exactly do these examinations entail? Here are a few things to remember as you prepare for your immigration medical examination.


You will need to bring some documents with you before heading to the panel physician’s office for your immigration medical exam. This might contain items such as:


  1. At least one government-issued document that includes your photo and signature. If you are taking the exam in Canada, this might be a passport, national identity card, or a Canadian driver’s license.
  2. Any test results or records detail any past or present medical issues you have.
  3. A list of the medications you are now taking. If you are given an upfront medical exam, you must bring your IRCC-issued Medical Report Form (IMM 1017E).
  4. If the panel physician does not use eMedical, you must provide four recent photos. Check with the panel physician ahead of time to verify whether this is the case.


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You should be aware of some rights during the IME process. You may have a chaperone with you throughout the exam at any time. You might also request that a medical staff member join you and your panel physician in the room. When you arrive at the immigration medical clinic, you must show the panel physician your government-issued ID. Depending on the diagnostic tests required, you may be asked to provide this piece of identification again, so have it on hand throughout the process.


For further details on the medical exam requirements. Click here.

Questions and Answers

The Panel Physician will walk you through a medical history questionnaire to obtain a sense of your overall health and well-being throughout your life. They will ask about any previous medical issues you have had, as well as any medications you are currently on. It is critical that you notify your panel physician of this information; otherwise, the immigration medical exam may take significantly longer.


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Physical Exam

After completing the medical questionnaire, your panel physician will conduct a thorough physical examination to determine your general physical health. Your panel physician may order further diagnostic testing based on your examination results, age, and condition. X-rays and test results from a hospital or clinic are examples. If your doctor finds anything out of the ordinary, they may refer you to a specialist for further testing. It’s vital that you follow up with the designated expert as soon as possible to avoid delaying the IME process.